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Drink and drive solicitors and your office parties. Read to know what we have to say!

If you are at a corporate party, the one thing that you want to avoid is getting drunk and making a fool of yourself. Your best bet is to completely avoid the alcohol being served. But, what about the alcohol lurking inside the food; could it possibly get you drunk? Would you need help getting back home because you had a few too many chocolate liqueurs?

There is a myth surrounding the idea that alcohol-infused food can get you drunk enough to call for the services of a drink drive solicitor. No wonder that may sound absurd and it truly is because the amount of food that you would require to eat in order to get drunk is insane. For example, you would need to have more than 850 chocolate liqueurs or 55+ cocktail olives to get above the mentioned drinking limit of three and a half units. Barring these, it is a fact that in such parties, you need to keep a tab on your alcohol consumption. Read on to know more:

Alcohol can toss your senses away

You might have grudges on your boss and as soon as alcohol gets mixed in your blood, you would forget all etiquettes and spit out the venom on his face. Well, it truly is a nightmare and hence it is always better to drink within limits to stay safe from such occupational hazards.

Your loved one is waiting back at home

When you drink a lot, the body’s metabolism increases to a great extent. Therefore, driving isn’t safe because you cannot comprehend what’s going on in the streets.  It is always better to be safe than sorry and finding the need of booking a drink drive solicitor in Stockton.

Well, drinking is never a habit that you should pick up. On a serious note, there have been numerous criminal incidents caused due to drinking and put people behind bars. Though Teesside Law Limited is always there to offer outstanding criminal defence in Middlesbrough, it is better to stay safe from intoxication at such levels that can lead you into trouble. Our expert solicitors have got your back in such instances. All you need to do is give us a call right away.

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