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Civil Partnership – An Alternative to Marriage? Let’s Find Out-

As the Brexit issue made to the headlines of the daily newspapers throughout the country, there was a major need for a different story that could interest the readers. Just then, this is what came in most of the news dailies- “Theresa May announces that all couples in England and Wales will have the freedom to opt for civil partnership rather than marriage”.

Through this, couples get the “civil” recognition of their bond and can stay together legally without being married. The entire idea was built on the platform provided by the Civil Partnership Act 2004, which formalised the relationship between same-sex couples. However, when a comparison is drawn with marriage, it is seen that there is barely – any difference due to all the broad rights and responsibilities conferred upon a civil partnership. The difference from a legal perspective is hence very little. What has been driving people more for this is the word “civil” that bypasses any religious or ceremonial idea of the union.

Today, with the rise of registry offices, you can get married sans the rituals. The area that requires attention is regarding the need for a contractual element between the couple. It essentially provides the protection and security that cohabiting couples need. Unless a legal contract is signed, no matter how long a couple stays together or may have children, they won’t have the same rights that married couples enjoy in the UK. Whether the legal system is headed towards better or worse is something that time will prove; as of now, the need for better reforms is the need of the hour.

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